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Well it all may seem like a recent change and just a new website; but the new look sits on new servers with new capabilities.

Our website is deliberately functional, with emphasis on easily accessing the web control panels and webmail facilities  for our customers, its responsive so works on mobiles, tablets and computers alike.

As all of our client know since 2016 we have been migrating clients to new webservers, greater capacity, speed, security, functionality, better email handling and so on.

The new Webspace Unlimited website basically gives full functionality to the new servers accessible through this site and not on any temporary web addresses handed out on a case by case transfer of sites over the last 2 years.

It has been a huge investment for us in time and effort and solely with the intention of providing you the very best hosting environment currently available.

We always aim to be a personal service, not a faceless call center, and this launch on this platform underpins our core belief in customer service.

Should you wish to join the webspace Unlimited family of customers please contact us to discuss any hosting, web development or website promotion requirements that you may have and we will be happy to help.


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About Webspace Unlimited

Webspace Unlimited is a family run business based in the heart of Wales in the UK.

We have three core areas to our business:

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Since the mid 1990s Webspace Unlimited has been providing business-class website hosting, website development and website promotion, for clients in the UK and abroad. We have hosted, built and promoted websites in English, French, Spanish, Finnish, German and Arabic, for both large and small companies.

We pride ourselves on providing a tailor-made service for our customers and being able to back this up with highly functional websites that work and appeal to a global marketplace.

Should your business require secure hosting, a quality and stable website that can be found by a worldwide customer base, then contact us.