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WordPress has become a massive phenomenon, according to W3Techs powering some 40% of the world's websites.

WordPress popularity also is cause for it to be uniquely vulnerable to targeting by hackers. WordPress popularity, the fact all of its web building facilities are hosted online, within its own website, means that once a vulnerability has been found on one site, it's there on all, so there is a constant update for its core code and plug-ins to both plug these gaps and to take advantage of ever newer technology.

This means there are three main areas to consider when hosting a WordPress site.

1) Updates - a hosting platform needs to be on the peak of the wave with constant code updates for the databases and PHP core code on the servers and with WordPress demanding ever more resources again it puts pressure on to the hosting platform for physical resources such as RAM and increasing disc space usage.

2) Security - malware scanning of the sites, brute force protection, backups and repair if a site has had an attack, compromise or hack, with a guaranteed speed of return to live.

3) CDN (Content Deliver Network) - this is the appearing to be local, globally. Websites perform best in the country they are hosted; the ping backs and speed of delivery are faster and of course search engines will deliver local sites better. CDN is the use of a global network of computers to deliver the websites content locally improving the global reputation of the website.

With these three areas in mind Webspace Unlimited is offering a Premium WordPress Hosting placed on specific servers with a ongoing accelerated upgrade plan for both hardware and software. This is backed by Sucuri protecting the WordPress sites with daily backups and real time protection and finally backed by CDN for global (local) delivery of content. 

Premium WordPress Hosting from Webspace Unlimited will include:
  • SSL
  • WordPress Conditioned Servers and Webspace
  • Full Email
  • Daily Backups
  • Full Sucuri realtime protection by real people
Annual Costs from £350.00 


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About Webspace Unlimited

Webspace Unlimited is a family run business based on the Powys Shropshire border in the UK.

We have three core areas to our business:

  • Website Hosting and Domain Name Registration
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Since the mid 1990s Webspace Unlimited has been providing business-class website hosting, website development and website promotion, for clients in the UK and abroad. We have hosted, built and promoted websites in English, French, Spanish, Finnish, German and Arabic, for both large and small companies.

We pride ourselves on providing a tailor-made service for our customers and being able to back this up with highly functional websites that work and appeal to a global marketplace.

Should your business require secure hosting, a quality and stable website that can be found by a worldwide customer base, then contact us.

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