System Status
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To keep curent there is a continuous schedule of upgrades on the servers, these are usually done in the background with no impact on websites visibility or email smooth delivery.

On occasion there may be major upgrades scheduled, these will show on the system status.

As well as the scheduled maintenance there may be issues affecting the servers, so we now show a live log of what the status is. 

To see the current system status click here 


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Webspace Unlimited is a family run business based in the heart of Wales in the UK.

We have three core areas to our business:

  • Website Hosting and Domain Name Registration
  • Website Development
  • Website Promotion

Since the mid 1990s Webspace Unlimited has been providing business-class website hosting, website development and website promotion, for clients in the UK and abroad. We have hosted, built and promoted websites in English, French, Spanish, Finnish, German and Arabic, for both large and small companies.

We pride ourselves on providing a tailor-made service for our customers and being able to back this up with highly functional websites that work and appeal to a global marketplace.

Should your business require secure hosting, a quality and stable website that can be found by a worldwide customer base, then contact us.